1. I am a witness that God is still healing in Jesus name. Because about 23 years ago a man who could not walk was brought into one of our Wednesday night services, and while the service was in progress the spirit of the lord told me, "this man have faith to be healed"; also to command in Jesus name that he be healed.

I obeyed and instantly he was healed, as well he began jumping and shouting down the aisles of the church. He was carried into the church by his cousins, but he was able to walk out on his own to go home as a witness that Jesus is still healing in his name. Truly by his stripes we are healed.( Submitted by pastor M.Belton)

2. Sunday , August 5, 2012, my pastor Elder Belton, was preaching on healing and faith, also how we needed to believe the word of God, After the sermon, the pastor called for those who needed a spiritual or physical healing to come forward, I went forward believing God for his promises. While we were standing there as the pastor began to pray in Jesus name, God touched my body and healed me instantly of the arthritis pain in my hip joints, legs, as well as  in my shoulder.

I felt the pain leave my body and whatever was there is gone. Praise God! ( Submitted by Sis. Brenda Hemphill.)

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